The Club provides the opportunity for participating in an affordable online community of aspiring individuals, that built their future through a love of learning and acquiring valuable business and management capabilities

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In house training

In house training

The Institute offers practice directed informal and work-integrated learning programme. It creates an ideal opportunity for employers to share with their total staff complement a B-BBEE Code Category F and G Learning Programme that is flexible to accommodate additional company-specific content from employers

Supplier Development

Supplier Development

In addition to the benefits of Enterprise Development, the Professionality Code creates an ideal mechanism for corporates to guide potential suppliers on their expectations for professional service delivery

Enterprise Development

In house training

Participation creates the ability for the professional development of SMMEs that leads to sustainability, and financial and operational independence.

Socio-Economic Development

Supplier Development

Participation promotes sustainable access for beneficiaries to the economy through the development of the recipient’s professionality.

Upgrading from Continuous Professional Development to the Mini MBA in Business and Strategic Development is ideal for helping small entrepreneurs growing their businesses or building a professional profile for people that are serious about their future in business.


The South African Chapter of the Professionality Institute is a registered NPO (No. 186-257). It is 100% under the management control of previously disadvantaged individuals.

It is a Level 1 contributor and offers B-BBEE recognition of 135%* meaning the monetary value of Enterprise and Supplier Development and Socio-Economic Development Contributions claimable under Statements 400 and 500, and also Categories F and G learning programmes of Statement 300

*Preferential procurement of learning coupons qualifies for 1.2 factor multiplication

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